Caravan & Cabin Getaways Group

Caravan & Cabin Getaways Group

The Next Expedition of this Group is yet to be decided. (We are also looking for a replacement Convenor)

WRAG CABIN GETAWAY GROUP – North East Blitz at the Tallangatta Motor Inn By Nicole Spicer

On Sunday,  25th March, 18 people travelled mostly by train to Albury, where the Tallangatta Motor Inn picked us up in their coach to spend four nights and three days at the Motor Inn, situated on the side of Lake Hume.  Travelling through the Alpine regions of north-east Victoria.  A trip I have always threatened to do, but never got around to. First, a lovely home cooked meal at the Motor Inn, then off to bed for an early start on Monday.  Breakfast, hot or cold was served buffet-style, then onto the bus at 9:00am.  Ryan, the bus driver was young, versatile and very knowledgeable about the area and its interesting points.  Even some, gossip??!!  He pointed out a huge property on the side of a hill and said,  “thats my house up there, and there’s the missus, doing nothing, as usual”!  MMMH, did we believe him? NO! Turns out his wife, whom he met in USA was at home, and expecting, just NOT in that huge property.   All the commentary over the next four days was interesting and in most cases, surprising as he talked about the old days, and the new plans for the area.  We thought this area was just snow, skiing, and après ski,  but it really is so much more than that.  A place to visit all year round, we realised.