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Vale : Morrie Wahner
WRAG’s 11th Life Member ( 21 February 2011) Morrie Wahner sadly passed away on 12 May 2017. Morrie was a valued member of WRAG since 1989 and was Convenor of the Caravan & Cabin, as well as the Armchair Travel, and Old Time Movies Groups, for many years and the latter at the time of his passing. The trips away that Morrie and his good wife Joy organised were well run and he was known for his good humour and willingness to help with others. Morrie and Joy loved hosting members attending the Armchair Travel and Old Time Movies Groups in their home in Glen Waverley. Morrie was also President of WRAG in 2003/04 and Guest Speaker Organiser for several years. Morrie was the recipient of the annual prestigious Caroline Chisolm Awards for Community Volunteers in 2014. Morrie will be sadly missed.

Due to the passing of Morrie Wahner the Old Time Movies Group is postponed till further notice, pending the appointment of a new Convenor.