Proposed Activities

Proposed Activities

The following list of activity groups have been suggested by various members over the years.

If you:

a)  Would like to join in the activity, or
b)  Would like to run the activity group, or
c)  Already have a local group* doing the activity

please register with the Publicity Officer.  When sufficient people have registered you will be notified and the Activity Group will commence.  (* Local groups may affiliate with WRAG.  Enquire about the advantages of affiliation.)

You may also suggest an activity to be added to the list.

Go to the Contact Us  page for the Secretary’s contact details.


Ballroom Dancing Photo Editing – using a computer
Book Club Quilt Making
Calligraphy Round Dancing
Cards – Beginners Solo Scrapbooking
Chinese Brush Painting Sculpture
Crochet Self Defence – basic Aikido techniques
Cup Cake Decorating Square Dancing
Cycling Swimming
Doll Making – knitting Tai Chi
Drawing and Painting Ten Pin Bowling
Dressmaking Travel
Exercise for Seniors Weekend Holiday
Meditation Zumba
Grandparents Child Minding Club